“Under Pressure”
Room Rentals

53233 Runboat Circle
Frisco, NC 27936
Cottage name “Nancy’s Fancy”

Room Rates:

  • Check-in is 5 pm / Check-out is 11 am
  • Each room has a theme name. Seashell (Two twin beds), Seashore (two twin beds), Sealife (queen bed and a rollaway bed in closet if needed)
  • Each room is $100 per-night plus Dare County (6%) and State (6.75%) Taxes. If you wish to share a room it is up to you to make those arrangements. We (or trip lead can) will provide contact info if needed.
  • If someone wants a private room it is still $100 (plus taxes) a room. There is an Early Booking Discount of 20% if you book at least 2 weeks prior to your scheduled trip (with the discount the rooms are $80 dollars a night plus taxes)
  • Rooms must be paid separate from Dive Charter. Please pay by check or have correct change.
  • Credit cards are not accepted.
  • If the Under Pressure cancels early you may cancel the rooms or still come and enjoy the beach.
  • Add $10 per-person per night for non-divers/ persons with a diver but not actually going on the dive boat.

What is provided at the Cottage?

  • The house has three levels:
    • Top Level (Kitchen and Great Room, Owners Bedroom)
    • First Level (3 Bedrooms: 2 rooms with Twin beds and 1 room with Queen bed, and the Bathrooms)
    • Lower Level (the “gear locker”)
  • Bed linens are provided; there is no turn down service or maid service.
  • Toilet paper is provided.
  • There is a Keurig machine available to use, K-cups are not provided.
  • There is a gas grill available to use and the gas is provided.
  • There is a refrigerator to use: one shelf, half the freezer, and one rack on the door or more will be available to use. Not everyone will be able to place large amounts of drinks (beer/water) in there it is just not enough room for everyone to do that.
  • There is a charging/work table and storage room for dive gear etc. on the lower level. This is the “gear locker” room.
  • There is an outdoor shower with both H&C water and three decks with a view.

What is NOT provided or allowed at the Cottage?

  • No towels or washcloths are provided; you must bring your own.
  • Pets are not allowed.
  • No Smoking or Vaping in the house. (Please dispose of butts properly)
  • No food is provided; a coffee pot will be brewed in the morning. Bring your own K-cups for the Keurig machine.

House Rules:

  • The Top level is available to everyone from 6 am -10 pm. After 10 pm you can enjoy the deck associated with your room, watch TV in your room, or sleep in your room.
  • Please make sure you turn off all exterior lights when you come into the house at night. 
  • There is no maid service in the house, you use something please put it back, you mess it up please clean it up.
  • All coolers need to be kept out on the decks, not inside the house.

Departure Day:

  • At the end of your stay please remove the bed sheet, the fitted sheet, and the pillow cases and place all inside one pillow case and leave in room. The bedspread can be left on the bed.
  • Please check all drawers, the closet, and bathrooms for personal belongings. There will be a S&H charge for all items that are left and asked to be shipped. 

General Information:

The Top level is where Nancy and I stay; this house will be one of the nicest beach houses you will ever stay in for divers. It has an ocean view and beach access. Divers/guest who stay here we ask that you please respect the house and furnishings. Many things in the house are brand new (furniture, décor, houseware) and the bathrooms have been remodeled recently.

Hope this answers any of your questions. I will continue to add to this list of info based on questions that I get asked as the year goes on. I think it will meet and exceed your expectations, which has been the case so far for those who have stayed here.

Capt. JT