“Under Pressure”
Charter Information

The 2019 season is here!

Contact Capt JT at 757-537-6524 or email captjt@mindspring.com (Emails or phone calls only)

The Under Pressure will be in Hatteras, NC at Hatteras Landing Marina....May thru November (weather permitting)

Hatteras Diving Whole Boat Charter:

The Dive Charter includes the boat ride to and from the dive site :

  • Boat departs 7am
  • Bring your own beverage and food. There is a large food cooler on the boat.
  • Recreational charter, depth 130ft or less, 6 divers max, two dives. Divers may bring two single tanks or one set of doubles and one pony or one stage bottle
  • Technical charter, depth deeper than 130ft, 6 divers max. Divers may bring two sets of doubles and 3 stage bottles.
  • On the weekend charters if we can only go one day because of weather etc. we will (doesn't matter which day).
  • Technical charter: Prices vary on the wreck and what you want to do. For pricing call 757-537-6524

Hatteras Diving Open Boat Prices:

Recreational trips:

$160 per person includes:

  • Boat ride to and from the dive site
  • The U701 is not counted as a recreational dive
  • Due to rising fuel costs, there may be a fuel surcharge if fuel goes above $3.75gal for diesel at the marina when diving wrecks that are more than 17miles from the sea buoy.

Additional customer options:

  • Air fills or air tops available on the boat for a fee. There is a air compressor on the boat.
  • Must be a customer of Under Pressure
  • Nitrox will be available this year! Contact Capt. JT for more information.

On all recreational open trips the location of the dive site will be discussed and determined the morning of the dive. I will allow a second dive on technical trips to a recreational depth if prior arrangements have been made(not always available). An additional fee will be charged for double doubles on all recreational trips. The Capt and crew will make every effort to reach the chosen destination when the boat is charterd an alternate site maybe chosen due to weather or some other uncontrollable circumstance.

For technical dives with a depth greater than 160ft and you have never dived with Capt JT somewhere or dived off the Under Pressure before an acquaintance dive with the Capt., crew, & boat operation is required.***** Deep Air diving is not allowed. Diver is required to have certification/training for the dive they are conducting.

Contact Information

If you have questions, want to sign up, or wish to charter the whole boat contact:
Capt. JT via email captjt@mindspring.com or call (C) 757-537-6524
(PLEASE NO TEXTING! Emails or phone calls only)

Prices do not include taxes & gratuities
Prices may change with increase of fuel price