“Under Pressure”
2024 Dive Schedule

Hi everyonehope you all are looking forward to the upcoming dive season as I am, below is the schedule for diving in 2024. The Under Pressure is no longer doing open boat seating, you must either charter the whole boat or sign up with groups that have chartered the boat. Contacts for those charters are listed so you can contact them directly should you want to go on their charters if they have space At this time, we only accept cash or check, please pay Capt. JT or Nancy. The mates work for tips, please pay them directly for a job well done, any money given to mates are considered tips. 15-20% of the boat fee is standard. Updates are provided during the year and season on my FB page “JT Barker" https://www.facebook.com/jt.barker.1 

Contact Information: Capt JT
email  captjt@mindspring.com

Basic charter info about the boat (call Capt. JT to charter the boat):

Recreational dives - You must have the proper C-card for the depth/boat approval and mix for the dive.

Cost - Cost this year: out to 17 miles $1200, 17-25 miles $1350

Dive Gear - NO DIVE GEAR OF ANY KIND IN THE CABIN, tool boxes can be placed inside during the day.  
Lodging - There will be no lodging on the boat. Call for information on where to stay in Hatteas if not familar with the area.

Charters in Hatteras NC

4 & 5 Chesapeake Bay Dive Center CBDC Matt Hannum  twohannums@yahoo.com 
18 &19 Lynnhaven Dive Center  LDC scott68057@gmail.com 

1 & 2 Jay King jkpadi196617@gmail.com 
8 & 9 Kevin Green kjgreen612@cox.net
15 & 16 Lynnhaven Dive Center LDC  scott68057@gmail.com 
22 & 23 Private

6 & 7 Jay King jkpadi196617@gmail.com
13 & 14 Lynnhaven Dive Center LDC  scott68057@gmail.com 
20 & 21 Kevin Green kjgreen612@cox.net


10 & 11 Kevin Green kjgreen612@cox.net
17 & 18 Chesapeake Bay Dive Center CBDC Matt Hannum twohannums@yahoo.com 
24 & 25 Lynnhaven Dive Center scott68057@gmail.com  

7 & 8 Jay King jkpadi196617@gmail.com
14 & 15 Kevin Green kjgreen612@cox.net

5 & 6 Kevin Green kjgreen612@cox.net
12 & 13 Chesapeake Bay Dive Center CBDC Matt Hannum twohannums@yahoo.com