“Under Pressure”
2022 Dive Schedule

Please reivew the "Charter Information" page for important COVID-19 Policy Changes!

Hi everyonehope you all are looking forward to the upcoming dive season as I am, below is the schedule for diving in 2022. The Under Pressure is no longer doing open boat seating, you must either charter the whole boat or sign up with groups that have chartered the boat. Contacts for those charters are listed so you can contact them directly should you want to go on their charters if they have space At this time, we only accept cash or check, please pay Capt. JT or Nancy. The mates work for tips, please pay them directly for a job well done, any money given to mates are considered tips. 15-20% of the boat fee is standard. . Updates are provided during the year and season on my FB page “JT Barker" https://www.facebook.com/jt.barker.1 

Contact Information: Capt JT
email  captjt@mindspring.com

Basic charter info about the boat (call Capt. JT to charter the boat):

Recreational dives -You must have the proper C-card for the depth/boat approval and mix for the dive. For technical diving you will be required to send me a copy of your highest c-card that allows you to do the depth and mix you have planned by email at least 2 or more days before the planned charter.  This will allow me time to research what that card allows if not clearly stated on the card and now that the USCG is asking for a copy of the divers c-card if there is an accident, I will already have it to send with the accident report should something happen. If the price of fuel exceeds $3.50 gal. at the dock/aka marina there will be a fuel surcharge to cover the additional cost.

Dive Gear
NO DIVE GEAR OF ANY KIND IN THE CABIN, tool boxes can be placed inside during the day.  

There will be no lodging on the boat. 

We can offer rooms at the beach house "Nancy's Fancy" as part of your Hatteras diving adventure, 2 night 
Minimum, check out our Beach Cottage Room Rental page for details.

Weekend Charters
All weekend charters before Memorial Day weekend and after Labor Day weekend will have the option to add Friday to your charter and we will do the best two out of the three days. That way if Friday looks good, we get to go. If both Friday and Sat go then you have the option to go Sunday or Not. This must be a group decision as I can’t run unless everyone wants to go. It can be any two days or all three.  

Air fills
Air fills are available ONLY at the beach house Nancy's Fancy. You must be a customer of the Under Pressure. Contact Capt JT for more information.

Charters in Hatteras NC

April 29, 30,& May Chesapeake Bay Diving Matt Hannum twohannums@yahoo.com 
7 & 8 - Lynnhaven Dive Center scott68057@gmail.com 
14 & 15 Kevin Green kjgreen612@cox.net

4 & 5 Jay King jkpadi196617@gmail.com 
11 & 12 Kevin Green kjgreen612@cox.net
18 & 19 Tri City Scuba  contact@tricityscuba.com  

9 & 10 Lynnhaven Dive Center scott68057@gmail.com 
16 & 17 Kevin Green kjgreen612@cox.net
23 & 24 Jay King jkpadi196617@gmail.com


6 & 7 Tri City Scuba contact@tricityscuba.com
13 & 14 Kevin Green kjgreen612@cox.net
20 & 21 Chesapeake Bay Diving Matt Hannum twohannums@yahoo.com 
27 & 28 Lynnhaven Dive Center scott68057@gmail.com  

10 & 11 Jay King jkpadi196617@gmail.com
17 & 18 Kevin Green kjgreen612@cox.net
24 & 25 Tri City Scuba contact@tricityscuba.com

8 & 9 Kevin Green kjgreen612@cox.net
14, 15 & 16 Chesapeake Bay Diving Matt Hannum twohannums@yahoo.com