The photos below are of my mixing kit.

Everything for mixing and analyzing are kept in this pelican 1500 case.

The bottom half contains everything needed for mixing.
The top half has the oxygen analyzer kit in it. Inside it is the analyzer.
By using quick disconnects I can use it for Helium or oxygen, I can go din or yoke. The 2 gauges let me see what is in the He or O2 bottle and what is in my scuba tanks and is controlled by a valve, I can also use it to check scuba tank pressure, din or yoke. I can go from din to din, yoke to yoke or din to yoke for equalizing of scuba tanks.
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The analyzer I use is a Vandagraph VN202, I also have a spare battery and sensor for it. I also keep an adapter to go from K bottle of 02 to a yoke reg. I keep helium and 02 in my garage.