Dive Profiles from "Ostfrisland" depth 380ft and "U140" depth 270ft.
This is from Jim Cobb and myself dive to the wreck "U140" depth 270ft on June 10, 2000, you can see that the wreck has relief up to 250ft. The "U140" is a German sub from WW1.
This is from my dive to the Ostfrisland depth 380ft on June 11,2000. The wreck is a German battleship from WW1. I did a bottom mix of 10/60/30 with deco gases 20/20/60, 32/68, 50/50, & 02. The graph was at first non-believable and was sent back. They were able to retrieve the data, but as you can see the depth up at the top is still wrong. The max depth my BT gave was 375ft. My deco was based on a 12 min BT and I suffered a severe skin bend of the abdomen. As you can see depending on where you start my BT I exceeded the 12 mins, I did not start my time until I nearly reached the wreck which came up to 300ft.This may have caused the "skin bend" along with being cold during the dive.