The photos below are from my nightdive trip on Friday, Nov. 5th, aboard the Miss Lindsey. We dived the Brass Spike.

Mike gets ready.

Jose and Ed try to come up the ladder at the same time , it was a bit rough!
The Doc. takes it easy after a hard climb up the ladder. Chis waits by the ladder to assist divers up.
Kurt was glad to do a short dive on a rough night. Can you believe this guy , 45 degrees and in shorts.
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Brooks did the longest dive of the night. Oh Boy, he lost his goody bag with a flounder, lobster, wreckreel, and light in it. He was invited to my cookout next year for the second time.
Dave Widen got a good laugh at Brooks. Well Chris found Brooks' goody bag and gave it to him , Brooks is all happy now , but still invited to the cookout!