The photos below are from my dive trip on January 17-21. The dive sites for the day were the wrecks of the Budweiser and the Becks in FL.

This is Kathy, she loves to dive, not sure, but I think she has the hots for Capt. Leo ;-)

Divers getting ready to go on the "Deeper".
This is "Penny", she made the guys look bad on this day, a mess of bugs and a couple of nice fish! Now you tell me this doesn't look like a big roach!
Capt. Leo, Capt. Doug, and Capt. JT Capt. Leo takes us to the dive sites.
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Nancy and John Fine talk about the dive. Time to unload.
Can you pick out Mel Fishers' son in this photo? The group that went on the dive to the" Bud " on the "Little Deeper".
Nancy took this photo on the "Becks" The "Becks" is the home of this large Jewfish.
Nancy got a couple of shots before he swam off. This was a cute little guy.
This Jewfish called the Bud wreck his home. I swam around the bow to get this shot.
The fish was very nice to sit still while I took these photos. He didn't like it when I got closer and left.
Amanda waves good-by as it is time to go. Nancy does the same before going up.
They both head up. Fish under the dock at "Hogs sports bar and grill" in the keys.
We eat lunch on the dock. Nancy was happy.
The sign on the bottom says, "Warning!! All Children not attended by adults will be used as Chum!". I sit and relax!
What can I say, we are having fun! This is the bug I got, I let them use it to bring the tourist in!
This is what we came back to in VA.