The photos below are from the dive I did with AUE in FL on Nov. 18-19, 2000. The wreck "Vitric" depth 309ft & "Duane" depth 120ft. All underwater photos were provided by Larry Roth.
We wait for it to get close to dark before heading out to dive the "Duane". These are some of the AUE guys and their mascot.
As you can see, she took a liking to me. I found out that she was not just full of hot air, but planned to dive also.
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We head out just as it got dark, sorry no underwater photos of the night dive. AUE diver Mike Barnette.
This is Jeffrey Milbrath exploring the wreck. JT swims by the camera.
Hey, its JT sending up his scooter after it bite the big one, at 309ft. Mike R. keeps a close watch. Mike Barnette, waving to Mama & Papa.
Mike Rodriguez, it does not look like he is at 300ft. Mark Zurl is coming from the stern area.
Then, Mark checks out the cylinders. Here you can see that one has been crushed from the pressure of depth.
This is the steering gear and rudder. And this is a different view of the tanks.
The biggest tank has a valve on it. The valve is most likely a loading valve of some kind or relief valve.
Here is a nurse shark. The vis was really good.
The divers explore as much as they can in 20 min. This is a hand wheel in some debris.
The cylinders were about 100ft long. Here you can clearly see the crack in the engine housing of my scooter.
This is Capt Bob Rea, at Bud-N-Mary's dive center. This is their boat the " Coral Sea".
This is their 30ft Island Hopper that they are willing to take techdivers on.