The photos below are from my dive trip on January 15th to Ginnie Springs, in FL.

This is the Dive shop and headquarters of "Ginnie Springs".

Well what do you know, I ran into one of my dive buddies "Rick Atkins"(center) ,Gary(on the left) and another student.
Cathy, who works there,someone asked her if George was there and did she know him, she said she knew George Irvine before George knew who he was! Man this gal had the place rollin! Sorry about not getting a closer shot of the group that did the trip.
Debbie and I set up our gear. Cam, gets a hug from a fan, that's "Don Juan" to the left.
l l
Divers coming back. Hey, its "Mr. Clean"!
Man that chicken and steak on the grill was the best! Thanks Gumby! OK, Tom, stop catching those little guys!
Ike , what's that in your mouth. Nancy plays with the fish.
Hey meet the "Glitter Girls"! My buddy "Cam", why does he always have girls behind him?
This is "James" who also has the nickname "TCT", just ask Cam what it means. The inside of a Cavern.