The photos below are from my trip to the John Morgan which occurred on July 24th, 1999. I dived on the Flying Fish, based out of Rudee Inlet in Virginia Beach.

This is the Memorial Plaque on the Morgan placed there by the Tidewater Sea Urchins Dive Club.

This is the stern of the Morgan,
This is the capstan located near the stern.
This is a row of tires strung together in the cargo hold.
This is one of the tanks on the Morgan, if you look close you can see the barrel of the gun pointing up towards the right.
This is a stack of gun shells.
Can you see the flounder in the upper right part of the photo? Look closely!!
This is a closed chock located in the debris field.
This is Issac Van Patten decoing under the boat.
This is John Lumbar with a spear gun and no fish after the dive, again !!
Divers hanging out under the boat.
This is where the diver was suppose to be.
More divers on the hang bar.
Can you see the brass gun shell ring I am about to recover?
This is a set of gear without a diver on the boat.
This is the mooring line still on the spool located near the stern.
This is the diver that we had to come back to the dock and get!!!
Everyone inside the boat during a Thunderstorm.
I see Issac, Chris, John, and Keith in this picture.