The photos below are from a charter I ran for National Geographic to do a reenactment of the Monitor sinking. We filmed it on Sept 21 at night.

This is Nancy and Kim.

The parts used to look like the "Monitor" in the water.
The film crew stuff. The Miss Lauren is the boat I used.
The reenactment group practice rowing. They were cool to see.
l l
They looked pretty cool. ..........
stroke, stroke, stroke...... Nowthey are all worn out.
We help load the "Monitor" on the boat.. The old guy talks Kim into joining the row team.
Kim could pass for a guy in those cloths. They build the monitor in the water, that was really hard.
It is black and hard to see. They still are working on it.
This is one of the rowers. The monitor had a red light on the mast.
They shot a flare reenacting the sinking. This guys was the best actor in the bunch.
This is the graff guy.