The photos below are from our trip to Grand Bahama Island on June 1-4. We dived with Caribbean Divers in Freeport. Presley Knowles was our great Captain and Divemaster. This dive was to a reef with a max depth of 54 feet . To contact Caribbean Divers:
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Nancy gets a photo as I sink down.... ..right on top of a couple of big sharks.
....they were all around us. ....and there is another one.
It was a great dive and Nancy did it with both fins ;-)) See how fast she goes with 2 of them;-))
The is a different Bill and I forgot her name. Hey the man (JT), goes in a CAVE ! SAY WHAT? :O
See the pretty fish... ...see some more...
.....some more.... ...a whole school...
Where is my gun when I need it? Just another pretty fish that Nancy likes.
Hey, can you see my beads Mon? OK Nancy stop with pretty fish photos.
Does this look like a wreck? They use it as a tie in point for the reef dive.