The photos below are from the VBtech trip to the U-140, U-117,& Ostfrisland on June 10-11, 2000 on the dive boat "Miss Lindsey" out of Va Beach , Va.
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Capt Charlie rubs the sweat from his head, its VBtech doing deep dives again! The most natural diver on the east coast, 17 year old Brad Beskin.
JT, Rick, Eric, Rodney, & Gary gear up to dive the U-140. ....And Jim gets ready to implode his scooter.
It was very a early dive. Becky and Chris pull up the anchor with a ball to see if Jim's scooter is still on it.
The only thing that came up was the net off the wreck, Jim's scooter was gone. Hey, Jim , don't cry , your wife may not KICK YOUR ASS!
Jeff got a kick out of it. .Bill gets ready to dive the U-117 next.
Dave Widen was safety coordinator on this dive trip. Bill says hey" I'm ready lets go".
...JT explores the U-117. Even though it was 2pm, it was a night dive on the bottom here at 235ft.