The depths of the dives were as follows U-140 270ft, U-117 235ft, Ostfrisland 380ft .
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This is the group that went. Brad put a sign on his scooter that said" George Irvine is my hero", Brad are you sick? What about me?
....I'd say Mike drank too much water before the dive. JT heads for the U-117.
I tell them just how big, ho never mind. I am most happy when I'm diving.
Jeff just before his dive to the U-117. Hey, I caught Jim trolling with his gear line.
See Jim forgot to pull it up after the dive. BTW Jim, you're invited to my cookout.
Dave double checks the data that Charley from "Dan" has got. Hey I see that on Ricks' trailer that George is his hero too.
This is my foamed scooter. I'm sure that helped it survive the depth of 270ft.
I had a broken top end that I used to foam it with. I also did the top end , but I don't think that needed it. It had ribs in that part already.