The photos below are from the Ostfrisland dive, depth 380ft.
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Capt Charlie takes us to the wreck. Here you can see the wreck on the bottom machine, the 312ft is to the top of the wreck.
Jt and Rick start to get ready. ....Jeff also gets ready with us.
We are almost ready. The chase boat goes in as we get ready.
Mike stands by with 02, a hand held VHF, and a GPS in the chase boat . I lead the dive, on the deck you can see the stages that will be taken to us, they have our name and MOD on them.
Jeff gets back from the dive. ..So does Rick.
I tell Jeff about the guns. We discuss as much as we can right after the dive.
In less than 30 mins skin bends set in on me. There was some swelling of the abdomen with the rash, also pain in my shoulders and legs. They all left in less than 2 hrs.