The photos below are from Nancy's and JT's vacation on the "Sea Fever" dive boat Nov. 16-22 2003. Read the story about the trip Sea Fever 2003

Capt Redman of the Sea Fever and Capt Pete of the Tropic Diver.

Tropic Diver .
WE all got into one car to go eat....even Nancy who is taking this photo.... 8 people in a compact car. Jt, Nancy, Mike and Karen.
The island "Bimini". Randy was so tired he had to take an 02 break.
I fish for shark bait.I fish for
Nancy and I.
Karen, Mike, and Deanna .

One of the Photos on the wall in the bar..
All fish photos. Those guys caught a "HUGH"pair.
Ernest Hemingway .... That's my job.......
Drawing that help tell the story "Old Man and the Sea". Just like the book and the movie..
Nancy gets a drink. Laura "HABO" Farmer and her brother Tony.
The crew lets loose at the dock. At the "End of the World" bar things get wild.
Easy Karen....... I can be had, I did drink A beer. The big bra is Becky's.
Harold, Debbie and Karen. I didn't know Karen could read.
Harold and Dave. Mike and Darrel.
Mike, Tony and Frank. Rick, Cody, Redman, Rob, Ellie, Ed.....Sea Fever crew
On our way home HM Deanna had to get her boots cleaned.....High Maintance Deanna