The photos below are from our trip on the Sea Fever, look at all the pretty fishes, I don't know what a single one is.......I'm a wreck diver you know.

here fishy fishy .

pretty fish.
It's it's "Dory". pretty fishy .
tough guy . Somekind of horn blowing fish.
That's some kind of blow fish.
On the wreck Eagle.

w one right.
Jewfish on the wreck Eagle. Jewfish on the bottom.
Nancy on the Spiegle Grove. This is the fish that attacked Marlin and Nemo before he hatched.
The prop on the Spiegle Grove. Nancy.
From inside the Spiegle Grove. The Spiegle Grove is big.
fishy. Tom Adams
It's JT. Capt Redman unstops the head.