The photos below are from my first dive of the year 2000 January 1st .We dived the wreck "Brass Spike" depth 85 ft.The temp was 50 degrees top to bottom, vis was 25ft.

We had a rather large group go to start the new year off with a dive.

If you don't see your face in this group and you live in the area, you are a weenie diver!(I took the photo, I was there)
The old briefing before we go. What a group!
Ike, now that's a face only his wife could love! That's big Mike.
l l
Hey Mike, that drysuit looks a little tighter this year
Fantone helps divers back on the boat.
Capt. Charlie is gonna DIVE, somebody get the 02 ready! Mike Fantone cuts up an onion for the Hot Dog Lunch.
Divers coming back from their dive. It was sunny and 2ft seas.
Still more divers coming back. This is how it is suppose to be, a father and son diving on New Years Day.
Ken telling Mike about the fish he speared. The fish that Ken got.
I took 2 photos of the fish and they still didn't get any bigger :-) He said that's all he needs for dinner.