The photos below are from a dive trip to the "British Splendour" depth 100ft ,on Oct 20 2002.

This is Frank, it was his birthday , the other guy is Ed.

Bill and his better half..
Stella gets ready to go.. This is a Cindy her man is all worn out..
Others get ready to go.. Karen gives me the evil eye..
l l
Frank heads down to the wreck. A sheepshead stays by the tie in to eat what gets broken off.
Tom heads to the bow. I follow along behind Tom, I have Frank in tow while shooting the photos.
What's everyone looking at...... .........its a "Lion Fish".
A door way inside. A cargo pump up near the bow.
The bow . Tom just has to touch it..
Tom looks up under a plate. The bait fish cover him..
This is a bit up near the bow.. A turtle sleeps wedged under the wreck..