The photos below are from the "Beneath the Sea" show on March 24, 2001 in NJ. Christina Young was host to my girlfriend and me for the show.

First, it was kinda hard to get in, you got your tickets here. And you had to fill out some paper work here just to get in, why?
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This is John Moyer, Christina and myself. John Moyer, JT, Steve Gatto, Tom Packer, and Christina.
Here is Gene Holmes, Joe Mazraani, Capt of the "Dina Dee", and their best pal Christina. This is Peter Hess(Lawyer for wreckdivers).
Here is Rick Atkins, my dive buddy, we didn't even tell each other we were going to the show and ran into each other. Hey, did someone tell them Rick and I were coming? ;-) Just kidding guys! We know who tries to CLAIM that title.
We all went to get lunch and I found out that Rick has something in common with another diver I know (both have real young girlfriends), that's Erika next to him. Safety is always our goal when we dive, so we looked at the RB's, this is a "Prism".
This is Steve Brozyna one of the Seeker's Captains. As is Capt Bob Ryan with Pete, and JT
JT, Chuck Hatcher, and Christina. And this was the best picture of the show, I was able to get Steve Belinda, Janet Beiser, and Dan Berg in a group shot and they didn't even know who I was.
Here is Hank Garvin and Steve with me after I told them who I was, they tried to hold me until Janet got to me, but I got away ;-). They said they had a nick name for me "Capt Twitch" Christina really liked the new Halcyon 80 RB, but wondered about the dives above 150ft because it is rated for dives 150-300ft.
Hey, I see they can keep the liftbags full at the show, how'd they do it? The Halcyon guys knew me, they were nice guys.
They even let me try on the 80RB, think it will work for my dives? There's my girlfriend Nancy to the left at the "Bayou Runner" booth.
Mikey Trapani, Joe Ferrali, Christina, Gary Gentile, and JT And this is John Griffiths with OMS, they had some new stuff that will work for us I think.