The photos below are from "Beneath the Sea" on March 22, 23, & 24 2002.

This is Richie, JT, Christina, and Rick.

Tom Sawicki talks to Chuck Hatcher.
Christina with Bernie Tom Sawicki, Capt Tony Piscitelli, Christina Young, JT Barker
This is Rodney and his wife, with the Silent Submersion scooters. Lamar Hires and Pete Nawrocky at the Dive Rite booth.
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I'm at the OMS booth and Tom is behind me telling me to buy 2 of these so he can have one. This is Gary Kulisek at the Oddessy booth.

JT checking out the TDI booth.

At the Sartek booth we ran into a really great guy.
It was Terrence Tysall, R to L Tom, Rick, Terrence, JT This is the Babe at the PADI booth.
Its the Sea Lion. L to R: Tom Sawicki, Ike Bullock, Pete Wohlleben, Steve Brozyna, Joe Ferrali, Mike Trapani, Christina Young
Bob Sherwood at the Halcyon booth. This some stuff from a new vendor that started at the BTS.......
It is called "deep out doors". This is John & Bonnie Yurga.
At the RB booth with Dave Sutton. JT, Christina, and Frankie Pellegrino .
JT and Terry Martzall at the Seeker booth. L to R Capt JT, Capt Art, and Capt Howard
Mark Laboccetta and Rick at the "Omer" booth. This is Erika (Rick's girlfriend) and her sister, notice the guy looking at their butts, while dad (at the back) is not looking.
This is Mad Dog Expeditions. The LDC gang and Halcyon gang had dinner together.