The photos below are from the Beneath the Sea show. March 28-30, 2003

Tom Sawicki and I work the booth.

Kevin Juergensen, shows us the Hammerhead.
OMS. Mark with OMER.
I want all the toys..... Cameron with Coastal Scuba.
l l
The Halcyon boys back the girl up to the wall and show her how to "Do It Right".Robert Lunch with all the gang.
Someone had put out a contract hit on me at our VBtech show. Capt Art .
Kevin takes the "Narcosis test" ;-). Bob shows Steve and Janet the DIR set up..........
Bob inquires about getting a "Buddy" ;-). Lets do some deep air diving.
No business today. I heard Christina is up for it next year.
John Moyer with the Andrea Doria Bell. See John, I told you I wouldn't put your head on Janet's body. Friday night .
Tom and I listen to Ike tell us what he thinks of the techdiver lies.. Some of John Moyers artifacts..
Nice paintings . Where Rick trains some.
Who is that?. Nancy looks into diving the clear easy stuff..
Everyone shops . vFrom OFFTHEWALLDIVING .
DUI. Hatteras diving .
Susuki. The pool .
The tank . The most popular booth at the show, the rumguy.
Nancy spends money. Bob and Tom in our booth.