This page is from the BTS show in NJ on March 26-28, 2004
Rick Atkins ......


Steve Gatto
Rick and Nancy at the Sea Fever booth. Charlie Johnson, Christina Young, Jackie Smith.
Everybody wants a "Buddy" bad it's not a dive buddy! Bob Sherwood at the Halcyon booth.
Another DIR guy.
There seems to be a new wreck in Alaska.
Pete shows me another RB. And this one as well.
Jackie, Christina, & John Allen NE Scuba had a big booth.
Rick's new in laws. His sister in law is now legal... she's got the hot's for Dr. TS ;-)
Eric Atkins & Wyland. At the Dive Rite Booth.
The new Dive Rite scooter. Tom Mount .
JT & Mike Barnette. Bill Routh .
Faith at DUI booth. NE wreckers...The Morton's.