This photos below are from the BTS show in NJ on March 23-25, 2007
Well the first thing I saw was this, made me want to go diving! I talk to Bill Routh, he was very interested in diving one of the new wrecks I have.
Kevin and Lisa talk about the RB. Bob Sherwood wasn't at the Halcyon booth this year, I sure do like messing with that guy ;-).
Pete asked me what announcement I was going to make on the PA this year! ...."John Chatterton and Richie Kohler you've each won an autographed copy of Shadow Divers Exposed"! I always like talking to Greg Masi.
The gang from Atlantic Wreck Divers.
Me with the "Legend".
Christina Young, Greg Masi, JT Barker, Mark Nix. At the Independence II booth they were giving away beer to get divers to go on the boat...... Christina and Ted Green were drinking like mad and Christina got hammered I think!
Kevin & Lisa Karen Flynn and JT.
I guess it's official..... divers drink.......but not me. Now it's Lisa and Kevin
Nancy, JT, Lisa, Kevin. JT with Jeff Heim.
There was a bunch of high school kids from Washington here and the teacher was in this room. I thought it may have been Dave Morton because they party pretty hard. Sorry Dave.