The photos below are from the dive I did on Jan. 7, 2001 to the "Carolina Breeze" depth 90ft. It was a fishing trawler that had sunk in Oct. 2000.

## Indicate Photos By Debbie Adams

On the way to the boat, I saw the lake next to the boat was frozen. It would be a cold dive. The seas were about 3 ft when we got to the CB.
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Becky shows you just how cold it was, 36 degrees :-( Tom and Capt Charlie said it was not cold, I think they lie.
Here it is easy to make out the name. "Carolina Breeze"
Here is the stove in the galley, notice the rail around it to hold the pots and pans in during rough seas. The galley table also has a rail and holders.
Here you can see the only china I found in my tool bag. Stickers, on the window.
Radar, on top the pilothouse.## Here in the wheel house is where Capt. Billy Haver's body was found.##
This is the a radio that has seen better days.## And this is rigging on the stern.##
The name again.## The upper part of the mast and rigging.##
Here is the small passage to the engine room, you must go down a ladder.## Another view of the rigging .##