This page is from my trip cave diving in FL. 12-27-04 to 1-2-05..... cave photos stills pulled from video taken by Tom Sawicki.....housing was mounted on a Gavin scooter for the dive.
Tom Sawicki, JT Barker, Aaron Wallace, Judd Lentz Wayne at Cave Excursions
The Best fills around. The deco stop members at Floyd's.



Heather Knowles & Dave Caldwell.
Heather....second youngest female to dive the Doria This is Miranda and Lab Rat is behind her.
L to R ...Deepblue, enigma2dive, and Mike (ps1mhd) crawfordarrington
Tom & Aaron 3
Heather & Jeff Eric Diester
Tom and I head down the ear at Ginnie. See the sign
At the lips. JT coming out of the lips.
JT again What does this mean?
We head back.
Pass 2 other guys coming in.
I head back over the lips. I wait for Tom as he comes over the lips.
We come out of the Eye.
A little longer exit, but easier to deco.
A little tighter too..