The photos below are our trip to Cayman Brac on Sept 22-29, 2001. We stayed at the Brac Reef Resort and dived with Reef Divers on the Twin Sister (which we renamed the "Twisted Sister")

The beach at the resort. Another view from the beach.
This was the main dock which at night had large tarpon swimming under it. Most of them were 3-4 feet long. The group from LDC. front: Debbie, Russell, Nancy. back:Tom, Mary Sydney, Kathy, Harold, Marjorie, Marcie, JT, Henry.
Tom and Debbie, the newlyweds. Harold and Marcie.
Russell, the mate Susi ( the divemaster on "Das Boot"), and Mary Sydney. JT (showing how he feels about reef dives) and Nancy.
The wreck of the "Cayman Mariner". Tom trying to figure out if he could penetrate the wreck.
Debbie descending down on the "Bloody Wall" off of Little Cayman. The bottom was 4000ft below. The following images are all from the "Bloody Wall".
The lobsters were all over the wall. Most were 2 ft long. Tom thought he could grab one, but he forgot he had no gloves on.
This coral was everywhere on the reef. A close up shot.
More pretty coral. In the center is a crab that was a foot in size.
JT had this really great joke to play on the dive master. So he recruited Tom to participate in the joke. Tom and JT put their back-up bottom timers on Tom's wreck reel and then lowered them down the wall really deep..... Susi (the dive master) was from Germany and had "no sense of humor".
We did a night dive on the wreck "Kissamee". This lobster was out taking a walk during the night dive.
Here he is close up. The sea urchins were everywhere.