The photos below are our trip to Cayman Brac on Sept 22-29, 2001. We stayed at the Brac Reef Resort and dived with Reef Divers on the Twin Sister (which we renamed the "Twisted Sister")

Looking towards the bow from the stern of the Russian Warship #356.The bow was broken off during Hurricane Mitch last year. Boom, Boom, Boom.......oom
Looking at the bow, the "Wall" is just a few yards to the left. It won't be long before this part of the wreck becomes a Very deep technical wreck! A view of the guns.
Marcie wearing a lovely dress so she can have cocktails on the bridge. Marcie entering into the bridge.
The top of the bridge. Inside of the bridge.
Nancy checking out the reef. Some pretty tub coral and fan coral.
Tom wanted to practice some of his tech diving skills, but had left his lift bag at home. Being the clever guy that he is, he improvised. Tom sent the bucket up, but where was the line?
The newly weds: Larry and Dawn from TX, and Tom and Debbie from VA. Hey, Dawn how about that wake-up call I arranged at 5am for you ;-))))) Do you think this guy passed the test ;-)))
Tom about to prove that he is the king of chugging beer. The "Kid" won.... Some of our group trying to sing YMCA during Keriokie night.
The "Twisted Sisters" with our group totem pole. We hung our totem pole out by the beach.
Mary Sydney in the lovely costume created by our group. And this was the bartender....and you wonder why everyone was drinking so much!