March 26-April 2 a group from Lynnhaven Dive center went to the Divi Tiara Resort in Cayman Brac
It was a group made for fun. We missed our flight from Grand Cayman to Brac.....3hr lay over
The view was great when we got there. Yes very relaxing.
For the drinkers it was an outside bar. Nancy drank , but not me.
We had a visitor at the bar. What can I say.
Andre and Ken ...the mate & Capt. Kathy and Ike.
Debbie and Doc. Harold and Debbie.
Jeff and Christine. Jim Sr and Jim Jr......good thing Sr was there .....Jr was kinda loud.
Virginia, Diddy, and OJ Grumpy AKA Tom and Debbie
We rescued these three divers when they got away from their group. They are forever now known as "Drift, Float, & Bob" JT taking his afternoon nap..