Cayman Brac is known for the Cliff at one end of the Island.
We did a ride around the island one day. I wanted to dive here but they wouldn't let me.
I think the birds here were called Boobies. Looks like some of the cliff fell.
This little rock is called "Little Cayman Brac". more rocks.
This is called "Penis Rock", I wonder why. Little Cayman Brac again
Nancy and I rode a scooter to the cliff and took the following photos. At the edge.
Nancy held on to my shirt and I leaned out to take this photo. That's the peak we stood out on.
This is the lighthouse. It is run with a car battery and solar panel.
I told you it was didn't I? A path you take.
We rode down the road until there was no more. Nancy on the beach at the end.
I rode up to a cave. It was called the "Great Cave".
I went inside.
Way inside..........