Jt and Pat's "Great Bone Fishing Adventure"
We hired Mr. Munny to take us Bone Fishing one afternoon. He came and picked us up in his van. He is 86 years old and a very colorful person. At one spot he just stopped the van and left it in the middle of the road with the doors open.....he said if any cars came they could just go around.
We went to several spots before we caught some in the surf. This is one I caught......he uses dead minnows for bait.
Then Pat got one. Mr Munny removes the hook.
The lets him go'. Then I got another one.
He holds it up for me to take a photo. We went to the other side of the island and Pat got another one...you can see it cutting through water at the bottom right....Bone fish are very fast.
They hold it up so I can take a photo. We released everything.We releasted everything.