The photos below are from my 8th annual cookout and scuba awards on Nov 10th 2001.

Tim, our cook for the day, keeps watch on the pig while I relax in the chair.

It is still some time before everyone is suppost to start showing up.
This is the pork and we also had turkey. I ride my wagon down the drive way.
The first award of the night goes to Kim Carson, she let line fall in the water and get wrapped around the prop. Ike Bullock got his for worrying and crying about having to have a buddy and I saw him get his wreckreel sucked into his scooter.
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Poor Tom, he's pointing where his drysuit hose came undone that caused him to get this award. Eric, funny how that lobster almost got you bent and got you an award.

I did a demo of Dave getting pulled up by his liftbag, see the diver just under the balloon.

Allyson got her awards for wearing extra large "depends", she thought that was the only size.
Dave gives me an award for the most changes in my personality in one year. I help Dave walk back to his chair, he had a whole bottle of wine.