The photos below are from Captain JTs Annual Cookout and SCUBA "Screw-up Awards" Party. A fun night was had by all and I look forward to next years award winners!! Keep up making mistakes so I can give you an award!!!

Chef "Cam" preparing to cook the pork barbecue.

The party got off to a great start, the weather was perfect and the food outstanding!
Dave Widen and the Boss, Priscilla and Bob Rae laughing it up as usual.

Mike, Tim and his wife, JT, Neal and his soon to be wife:) Tech divers really know how to have fun!!

Ken & Barbie , I mean Victor and Karen, always ready to share a fun time!!!
JT shows how to eat a pork leg. This is how tech divers get their strength!
Dave winning an award for "How to be a Prepared Instructor"
This is JTs bag.... lost on the Eureka dive and found by by one of last years award winners , Harold Warren.
Jay receiving his award for "Sleep depriving your buddies" Ask him about it some time.
JT gives Kathy Haley the "Out of Air" award. Good thing she had students around who knew their skills!!!
The 1999 Scuba Screw-up Award Winners.....
Tim and Neal winning their award for "How not to impress your Instructor"
Mike gets a new "tool kit" to help him with the repairs on the boat (Plastic).. and a collection of photos of his air lift.
A group of well fed divers enjoying the festivities !!