The photos below are from a visit from the Cousteau Society at Lynnhaven Dive Center, it is a kick off tour of the 85 years of Cousteau. They plan to retrace the steps of Cousteau and return to TV. This is also with ocean artist "WYLAND". The Expedition Base will be at the Universities of RI.

This is Marc Lonergan Hertel, he is the new expedition leader for the Cousteau Society.

Marc is a former navy seal and was with team 4. He is with the shark they used in the study of Great Whites.
This was used in the Expedition of the Nile.. The sub used by the Cousteau team..
The 3 tank rig they used.. Suits and helmets that gave them the space look.
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2 of the scooters they used.. They were stream line diving before others even knew what diving was.

A list of accomplishments by the year..

No one will ever equal or pass this list..
Portrait of the man ..... The subs.
More of their diving gear. Another suit .
The history board. We all know who this is..
Hope you enjoyed........