The photos below are from a dive trip to the "Cuyahoga" depth 116ft on Dec. 1, 2001 Photos by Dave Widen.

Look, I can drive the boat with no hands.

Spade fish are still here, the temp was 60 degrees top to bottom.
Bill Ripley looks at the hull. This is the main deck.
This is Mike Scammon, he is about to find scissors on the right that were lost by someone. Bill goes over the bridge.
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This is from inside the bridge. Harold Warren looks at an abandon fish trap.

Bob Price was working on his gear.

He gives a good look before he decides not to go in.
This was a real nice tog. I get ready to go in.
Almost ready. This is freediver Mark Laboccetta eating a Lindsey dog to get his strength back after shooting the fish below.
He freedived down to the bottom and shot this big tautog. Mark is the distributor for "OMERSUB".
Now he tries to feed it my lobster. End to a good day.