The photos below are of my dive truck from when I got it to how it is now.

Basic Ford E350 1999 Box Van.

5.4L engine, it had a bad ding on the left side.
Right side Back
Ramp and inside of box. Front Cab driver side.
Passenger side .
License plate.
Right now it has bunks, LCD TV, VHS, DVD and can carry tons of gear. Lets Go Diving!
Wreck map of NC and VA on each side. Pillows have wreck names on them.
The other pillow. Now it has a 4 seater bench seat, also He and 02 K bottles.
A door to the cab, bunks have storage under them. Seats covers and a new CD player.
Weather monitor for inside and outside temp plus a clock. The back .
I hope to have a generator and compressor with banks by dive season. I have a haskle for it already but it needs to be rebuilt.
Closer view.