The photos below are from my trip to the Eureka which occurred on Sept 25th and 26th, 1999. I dived on the Miss Lindsey, leaving out of Rudee Inlet in Virginia Beach.

This is the group that Capt Charlie and I took out to the Eureka for the weekend, trip leader was Rick Atkins.

We were greeted with light winds and flat seas.
As I was taking a photo of the Flying Fish , Isaac T. Van Patten (sitting on the bow) was taking a photo of us at the same time.

This is Joyce coming on board after a dive. She is a true wrecker.

Joyce does some studying for her tech class during her SI.
This is Mary Jane Humphrey and Ken Charlesworth just after a dive, Ken says he sometimes works as a stunt double for Jerry Springer! He did try to get the DIR side of the boat to fight the NE wreckers side!) Hey are you pulling my leg!!
I found a case of shoes, this one said "A.A.Battles $2.50 shoes Warranted" on the bottom. The size was 7/4 seen in the middle.
Hey, is this a NE set up?
These are NE wreckers getting ready to go.
One lobster fed all these guys .
These are some doll heads, a cup and a leg that I recovered .Much more was gotten by all and there is still a lot down on the wreck.
This is a bottle with some kind of sauce that is still in it and corked. The other is a door knob.
This is a pc of the case with small plates stuck to it.
This is the photo taken by Isaac.