The photos below are from a trip with a group from New England lead by Dave Morton to the Eureka, Morgan, Luckenback, and one unknown.

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This is the group that went. I sent up a crate I found on the wreck Eureka.
Here Rick Atkins who helped me, swims out to get it. "Cracker", helps pull it to the boat.
Rick, hooks up the boom cable to it. Capt Charlie cranks it up.
Everyone is curious to see what's in it. Rick tightens the lifting line.
And up it comes...... Now you can see it.......
Rick guides it up in the boat. and on.....
JT and Rick with their 200lb+ crate of "what". Rick and Steve open it up....
It was a case of antique door locks. We saved as many as we could, but they were made of cast iron and sitting for 113 years in SW did them in. Hey, what's Alieen getting ready to do.
Everyone waits. Hey, she is going to do Capt JTs' hair.
It lasted most of the weekend. Erika, don't get mad because Becky is hugging Rick ;-)