The photos below are from the dive I did on March 1, 2001 to an unknown wreck at a depth of 490ft. Though we missed the wreck because of current on the drop, it is worth showing.

On the boat just before departure. The seas were flat.
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Ike jumps into the water to test the current for us. I began to gear up for the dive.
Here I try to relax before the drop. Rick Atkins who dived to the bottom with me prepares himself.
Here he is smiling. My game face is on.
We get ready to hear DIVE DIVE DIVE! Safety divers bring a deco line for us.
Rick and I do our 70ft stop. It is just a hanging game now.
I ask for my lunch and some water. And we keep hanging.
Here some little fish came to check us out. Dave and Ike, bring our 02.
Here you can see the 02 staged. Another view of us going on 02 with support divers.
Rick Atkins depth gauge. And my depth gauge.