The photos below are from a trip to FL with Nancy and Friends on March 4-7, 2004

LouAnne waiting to get going.

Nancy had other OW1 students meet us down there, but the seas were too big friday morning so they went to a place called the "ghetto dive".
All girls :-) It got alittle better so the boat went out in the afternoon.
Saturday morning was much better, LouAnne and Becky get ready to go.. Nancy gets them ready.
And they are off the boat!.
See how close the dive sites are to the shore in FL..
We get drinks at Two Georges at the dock.. Becky, Frank, and LouAnne!
Don't they look like lovebirds :-). Capt. JT, Capt. Doug, Capt. Becky
Nancy, Capt Leo, JT. The "LoveBirds" :-).
We all go out to dinner. They talk me into having a Cuban Beer.