The photos below are from my trip to the Frankfurt which occurred on Aug 21st and 22nd, 1999. I dived on the Miss Lindsey, leaving out of Rudee Inlet in Virginia Beach.

This is the group that made the trip to the Frankfurt 420ft and Ocean Venture 160ft.

This is Donald Trump , he was taking the photos , I took this one of him and gave the camera back.

JT does his 10 and 20ft stops on 02


JT still doing his deco.

Chris gets his photo taken on the way down to meet the bottom divers at 200ft as they come back.

This is Travis , hey Mike he told me to tell you he's one up.
John decos on the 02 whip.
Mike Scammon followed us down to 300ft that was his plan, he was with in 6ft of the mast, but did not break his plan to touch it. Now thats sticking to your plan !
John showing how to deco on a jon line.
Everyone decoing with at least one support diver in the water at all times.

This is Donald and Dave Widen doing gas fills for morning dive on the Ocean Venture.Thanks Dave and gang for the great support on the Frankfurt dive.

Ken and JT return from the Frankfurt ,for those that know, this is a one of a kind photo.
For once Ken and myself agreed , Travis your gear is a CF, clean it up.
This is a whale that came under the boat right after the last diver got on board from the Ocean Venture dive.