The photos below are from the Halloween Party hosted by Tom & Debbie, these photos are meant to be funny. No disrespect is intended to any person.
As you can see it is "Halloween"! This was our host, nurse Debbie R.U.N. & Dr. R.U. Bent (Tom)
Eyes were served as treats. We weren't pointing any "fingers" at the NE Divers.
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Brooks and Mary were "JUST Married" for REAL just 2 weeks ago, and they still are in the wedding cloths. A Lawyer/Used Car Salesman/Blues brother and his dame show up.
I wonder who this is? She went to get something to eat.
Hey, its Christina Old & her dive buddy Enrique Bent, he makes all those neat SS tools you see on him. But he says his real tool is for that special secret woman! Christina likes Winnie-the-Pooh!
Gary Ginfeelie and his date a , "Survivor" , show up. OH NO! Enrique has a hurt wrist, see how it is bent. Dr RU Bent checks it out, Christina is in tears. She has a limp wrist too!
Then, Capt Diesel catches Gary showing off his new book " 1001 Ways to Bash the Wahoo" she picks him off his feet. Christina & Enrique lure her away to save him.
It only took a few cookies. And she was a happy camper.
Oh Christina what big muscles you have. The Capt keeps on dancing!
Officer "Goodbody" does a search of Christina. The Dr. does a breast check!