This page is from our fall halloween party.
Steve the rock star and his wife Miss Trailer Park. Dave Swift and his wife, he came as me when I got bent and she was the USCG Diver.
Judd and his wife. Dave and Dana.
Jenn she was "Wine &Cheese". Nancy with Doug.
Sam & Matt stuck in the 60s'. Nate .......needs to see a DR. :-)
Glen & Robin. Aaron and his wife. Nut & Bolt. I wonder if he tried to screw it in.
This is Debbie's' employee, he came dressed as Tom her husband. Bill aka Doc Intrepid
Victor & Karen. Just like a poodle ......humping her leg.
Kevin says "you sure got a pretty mouth"! Debbie and Cheryl.
Flash Back . Matt are you hitting the wine again?.
Rick and Matt battle to see who can blow harder.. Sam tries to guess what's in the buckets..
Bucket number 2.
Bucket 3 made all the girls smile and wish ;-).
She had her hand on number 3 a long time.. She was happy..
These guys had to Dance to the "Time Warp".
They were getting down and superman was feeling no pain.
Shake them things boys. I think Nate was winning.
The crowd got into the show.. Capt JT looks like he was going to the chamber again..
Hey Doug how's the weather up there.. Natasha and her new man, she always picks the strange ones.
Becky works at the Chamber. Ashley, didn't I see you in that movie.
Cathy. Who's your Daddy?.
Lots of people. It was a real good time.
They watch their friend Jenn. Take the narcosis test.
The late ones. At 1am this was all that's left..
That rich bitch took her little poodle home. Nancy and I thank everyone for coming..