The photos below are from the LDC annual Halloween party . All photos are for fun as this was Halloween, all comments are meant as entertainment. Photos provided by Brad Baskins.

Everyone was dancing and having a good time UNTIL!

Even Darth Maul was being good.
Then the first one was spotted , a superman with a "P" Even Capt JT was there as a super wreckdiver!
Then there was another with the "W"! Then another "P".
Could it be a "K" on this one? Things were OK at first , they were dressed or rigged just alike!
But things changed real fast , a couple of wanna be's showed up, with a "Twisting It Right" video and the "Book of Lies". They were an angry looking bunch. Those lettered supermen and wanna be's.
They were pushing for a fight. The wanna be's were making the most noise.
The "Super Wreckdiver" was all alone and out numbered. The mean "Lettered Group" tried to force the video down his throat and make him read from the "Book Of Lies". But the wreckdiver has something with his gear.
What is that in his hand , could it be a lifesaving device? Yes its the New Jersey upline in a can.
The wreckdiver unloads both cans on those mean lettered men. They are helplessly tied up!
Do you know this group?Beware of men with Letters. Who's the Hot Babe with this wanna be.
Mike you will never make it as a cross dresser. I think this Bunny is a bit too much for you Mike.
OK Debbie I know that's you behind that beard. Well that's Kathy , but who's the other one.
This is Va Beaches Greatest Diver , I heard he had lobster tail later that night! A Manatee that drinks beer?
Now this is sweet! This must be the wild bunch!
Ok Brad who is she and what does the sign say? Brad ,George ain't gonna like this!Now go home and watch the tape again!