The photos below are from Hurricane Isabel, which caused significant flooding to our garage (aka "JT's dive shop").

The tide is already past the fence 3 hours before high tide.

Still 2 hours before high tide and the water is around the garage.
JT's scooters are ready to tow him. Note the water level under the work bench. High tide is still over an hour away.
The water is approaching the side door to the house. Notice how only the top part of the chain link fence is showing behind the garage.
Nancy standing at the edge of the water. See our neighbors "metal bucket" floating behind the fence and how the river bank is no longer visible behind the garage.
The scooters are fully covered.
The water is getting higher in the work shop part of the garage.

The other half of the garage.
All of the patio furniture is in the garage. The "vacuum" is under water along with some other stuff. High tide in the garage.
Believe it or not, we had stacked items on top of the coolers, but the coolers floated up and everything fell off, yeah I know..... High tide and the water is to the bottom step of the side door. Notice the water on the "other side" of the fence. It is about 2 1/2 feet high.
The neighbors back yard is a river. JT in his dry suit checking out the garage.
JT and his scooter. The water at high tide.
The water from behind our house is now approaching the street in front of our house. Never knew we would have a lake beside our house!
The morning after...the yard is covered with branches. The creek behind the house.
The driveway which had been under water. The front yard, there is a driveway under there somewhere.
The main street was closed due to the numerous trees that were down. This one is around the corner from us. The main street.
The cleanup begins. JT had to remove everything.
The door that was on the side will be no more! The dividing wall between the workshop and the storage part of the garage.
Entering the new room from the storage side of the garage. Standing by the door and looking towards the back of the garage. The new work table with a Heating and Cooling unit above.
The tank bottles sit on a rubber matt. We painted the floor gray and put down two area rugs as well. The "front end" of the garage now has a wall of cabinets (the door into the room is to the right in this photo).
Looking from the doorway to the other side. The bathroom, located in the back corner is still under repair. Looking from the table back to the door.
Two months after the storm and we are back to normal. The garage has new siding and note how both the side door and window are now gone.
The front yard. The back deck.