The photos below are from the Lake Jocassee Project on Nov 2-3, 2002. Depth of the dive was 300ft. Read the story about the dive! Click Here

Back: Samantha Swenson and Capt Bill Routh Front L-R Charlie Johnson, JT Barker, Jackie Smith, Rodney King, Bill Ripley, Tom Sawicki.

Tom and Jackie load gear.
It was chilly in the morning. Samantha drives us to the site.
I took this photo, of a photo of Camp Jocassee, the photo was taken from the bridge that was the key to finding everything. The white gate to the left is where we have a line to. This is the dam and you can see the float for our shot line..
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Jackie returns from his dive. Rodney wears his beanie until he gets in the water.
Charlie returns from his dive. It was a nice day on the lake.
Tom, Bill, and I get ready to decent. Tom and I secure a line to the top of the bridge which is at 289ft.
You can see vis is only about 5ft and the beam has about 5 inches of silt on the top.. And this is one of the pillars at the gate.
This is Bill doing his 20ft stop on 02. Capt Bill secures a keg on a line at 20ft that leads to the bridge..