The photos below are from a training dive at Lake Rawlings on Sept 29, 2002.

This is Brad Beskins and Tom Sawicki.

They compare their lights, Brad is now one up with his new Halcyon HID light.
The lake was rather crowded as you can see. This is Gordon, some say he looks like "Flash Gordon". I know him as "SPLASH Gordon".
Brad, the holder of a GUE cave card, gets ready to try and show me up. I keep forgetting about all the OW1 that come here.
l l
I think I see scuba Steve's bald head in there.. Why is Brad, Tom, and Brian hanging out down on the dock?????
Oh, I see now, Brad you should have just told her your name........ The lake is loaded with fish.
Just throw a chip in and they will come.. The next three photos show the size of the lake..
........... ...............
This is one of the statues that are in the lake. A closer look.
This is "Gina", she shot a couple of photos of Tom and Myself because Brad and Brian missed the first training dive. Tom shows perfect buoyancy control, he is better than anyone I have seen so far.
We do an "S" drill. As you can see we both have it right.
The next dive everyone showed up. Brad and Tom now do the "S" drill while Brian watches and I photograph.
They did it no problem. Then work toward the surface together.
Brian signals OOA and Tom donates his primary reg. Brian quickly sinks.
Then kicks up the bottom. Tom helps him to get his position right. This was Brian's first time doing the "S" drill, no one ever gets it right on the first try.