The photos below are from my dive trip on Sunday Oct. 31 aboard the Miss Lindsey. The wreck Luckenbach was the site.(**Indicates photos by Debbie Evans)

Now this was a group!

Ike , Mike, and Charlie in the wheel house.
The boat leaves Rudee Inlet. Light winds and flat seas , who could ask for more.
This is Niki , she just started diving. Bill gets ready to go.
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Joe had a few problems on this dive. He wouldn't tell me what, he has already heard about my cookout. Oh Boy, Chris has to go get somebody, who's coming to my cookout!
Tell me it ain't so, Va Beaches Greatest Diver had to be picked up by the chase boat. Brooks Barker say it ain't true! Niki likes big cats, the Tiger on her shoulder gives it away.
A shortie, no hood, no gloves and pink console? This is Kurt , doing a good job after his, "nevermind"
Ok what's up with this guy, gold on neck, little flounder and didn't want to touch it cause it smelled bad. Chris pulls up the hang bar and Charlie helps.
This is Chris with some big ones. Lots of flounder were on the wreck, easy pickens.
This is some small fish that call the wreck home.** The wreck sets and waits for us to come see it.**
Tom pokes a Stargazer to come up from hiding.** Then the Stargazer swims away.**
These are some flounder I left by the anchor.** This is Niki and Mike on the hang bar.**
The Doc. floats by the hang bar.** Tom was nice enough to bring my flounder up with his , now thats alot of flounder.**