The photos below are from a dive to the Luckenbach, depth 105ft, which we dived on Sept 21 during the morning.

Dave stands ready to go.

Another diver waits.
Ed waits, we all wait for "Ike" to send up the bag marking the stern of the wreck. The bag was 5 ft under the surface, he didn't have enough line on his reel.....see you at the cookout Ike ;-) This is Kim.
BRIAN HUNTER and TOM SAWICKI....friends ???? Matt says he's cool in his DUI suit..
l l
Ike finely sent up another bag with more line marking the stern. This is Kim..... I think ;-)
This is the shaft. The prop has been removed.
This is where we put the mooring line on the shaft. A little farther down the shaft, bait fish swim over it.
I sink down and shoot more photos. Until I hit the bottom, vis was the best here I have ever seen it.
This is Matt and Brian. They move away from me..
I see them later during the dive, this is Matt. This is the capstan on the bow..
Fish were everywhere. The dark spot at the top left is spadefish near the surface.
The port anchor still in place on the bow. Another view.

The top of the STBD anchor which is on the bottom.

The STBD anchor fluke.