The photos below are from my dive trip to Hatteras, NC. We dived on the dive boat "Bayou Runner" on April 30th. The wreck was the"Manuela" 160 ft deep.
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This is Dave, Debbie, and Tom.

They work on some skills before moving on.
Bill Ripley scooters just under me. This is the bow laying on its STBD side.
Boy, what a big turtle. I get a good shot of him sleeping.
Mike Scammon pulls him out so you all can see just how big he is. We were lucky to see such a big turtle.
You can see here were the shaft is coupled together. Here is one of the blades to the prop.
You can see here that one of the other blades rest under a plate. Ike came over to me to show me something.
It's a whole pineapple he found by the wreck. Figure that! A diver does his deco.
Hey Steve, you got your BT on, where is your drysuit! Hey George, this is the guy who cussed you on techdiver ;-))) Renee is from NJ and her buddy was our "Cabin Boy" Brad.
Cabin Boy, Cabin Boy, Cabin Boy!Just remember Brad, mess with the bull, you get the horns! Renee gets her gear ready, hey is that a NJ up line I see!
Neal looks alittle sick. The mate shows Renee how to put her tank on;-)))))
Amy & Johnny now have a COMPRESSOR in Hatteras. THANK YOU! Amy mans the shop they now have just across from the "Channel Bass" restaurant.